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Sunday, February 21, 2010

iPad Saga - Week 4: The Flash Debacle

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Mark W. Hibben


  1. interesting numbers analysis on Flash CPU usage.

    I posted some articles on my site about Flash - much more fundamental reasons why Apple is anti-Flash than performance.

    Read these:

    also I did some analysis of the iPad and the A4 on my blog as well - take a look at the posts.

  2. Mark knows nothing about computers. He knows how to benchmark. Little kids with custom HPs know how to benchmark.

    Fact is iPhone doesn't run OSX. so your information is extremely false as far as the topic goes.
    ALSO Flashes performance isint only based on the component, but as a whole. Meaning Macs version could be due to conflicting coding in the base structure of OSX, as in TCP/IP, which Apple keeps under wraps for security reasons. Smart idea, but also leaves an opening for blame.
    And, Like i mentioned on the Apple forums that you spammed, Linux has almost the exact same issues that OSX does. Harsh performance compared to the competitor, Windows. However, again, like i mention on the Apple forums....that you spammed, I have an Nokia N800. Interesting device if you get a chance to look it up (provided you know what google is....) runs Maemo Linux, and uses flash perfectly. Unlike the iPad or iPhone, Maemo is actually linux, unlike the iPhone OS, which was only based off OSX visually. SO...COMPARING OSX to iPhone OS ridiculous.

    We can all run benchmarks mark, and we're impressed you can too. But try to speak from an educated point of view when discussing a topic, and not just LOOK WHAT I CAN DO ^.^, ISIN'T IT SUPER?!

    and stop trolling/spamming Apple forums.

  3. Response to Cameron:

    First and foremost, none other than Tim Cook himself admitted that iPhone OS is based on Mac OS X. Secondly, I agree that there are potentially performance issues inherent in the Mac OS that impede Flash. I have no way to discriminated between a Flash issue and an OS issue. Thirdly, I don't spam. I leave germain comments with a link to my site for more information, should the reader want it.